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Bar Material Specification for Stainless Steel 630 (17-4PH H-1150) (Magnetic)

Produced Per ASTM A-564

Chemical Composition Limits
Carbon 0.07 Max.
Manganese 1.00 Max.
Phosphorous 0.04 Max
Sulfur 0.03 Max.
Silicon 1.00 Max.
Chromium 15.50-17.00
Nickle 3.00-5.00
Copper 3.00-5.00
Columbium + Tantalum 0.45
Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel 630 (17-4PH H-1150)
Tensile Strength, PSI 130,000
Tensile Strength, Mpa 900
Yield Strength, PSI 100,000
Yield Strength, Mpa 690
Elongation % 15
Reduction of Area % 40
Brinell Hardness 275
Charpy Ft-Lb 30

*Mpa is the abbreviation for Megapascals.

Stainless 630 (17-4PH H-1150) is magnetic and offers high strength and hardness compared to other stainless steels. Diameters stocked are 1/8" through and including 6" diameter, and metrics from 12mm through and including 70mm diameter.


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