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General Trade Customs

Rejection of Materials/Services: Special finish material requires immediate inspection upon receipt. This includes unpacking and oiling, if necessary. Acceptance of materials/services by Customer shall automatically occur after receipt, by Customer, of purchase order goods. Claims must be presented to Seller in writing within 10 days of receipt. After 10 calendar days, claims will be denied.

Quotations: All quotations are subject to change without notice, subject to prior sale, and unless agreed are binding only for immediate acceptance. All sales are made subject to strikes, accidents, or other causes beyond our control. We reserve the privilege to cancel contracts upon which full specifications have not been given within reasonable time.

Confirmation Orders: Confirming orders should be marked "CONFIRMING" or similar. Orders not so marked may be duplicated. In such cases we will not be responsible for expenses incurred.

Deliveries: Promise of shipment is estimated as carefully as possible and although we do our best to ship within the time mentioned, we cannot guarantee to do so. SPECIAL PROCESSED MATERIAL IS NOT SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION WITHOUT OUR WRITTEN CONSENT.

Technical Advice: Our employees, representatives or agents have no authority to bind us to any representation or warranty other than descriptions detailed on the packing list of invoice. Any technical advice furnished is provided at no charge and we assume no liability or obligation for advice offered to results obtained. All advice is accepted at Customer's risk. By placing an order with us, Customer affirms no reliance on the skill or judgment of any employee.

Payment: Invoices are due thirty (30) days from date of issue. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, C.O.D., and C.I.A. options are offered. Customer is responsible for any related collection costs or legal fees. All credit card sales are final.

Warranty: There are no warranties, expressed or implied, except that all goods shall conform to the description contained on our sales order form and further defined by the producing mill test report or certificate of compliance. By placing an order with us, Customer affirms no reliance on the skill or judgment of any employee, sales representative or agent of The Steel Supply Company. Customer is responsible for the final selection of all material or service.


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