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Limitations of Inspection and Testing

There are many essential features in steel making. These also would apply to machining or processing. Some of these processes may alter or change the properties of the steel bar or tube. This results in being unable to offer unconditional assurance that each and every bar or tube, even if from the same heat lot, will be in exact conformance with another bar or tube.

Processes that might alter the properties include welding, machining, heat treating, grinding, and many others. Perhaps the most damage to a bar or tube occurs during assembly, loads not intended for the specific grade, or just misuse.

Quality issues should always be addressed prior to any fabrication. This includes conformance to purchase order requirements, straightness, finish, tolerance, etc. Industry standards do not allow for a claim against materials once cut or otherwise processed which could alter the properties defines on the material test report.

Responsibility for all items must remain with the end user who is more knowledgeable of the fabricating processes, end use, and operation of the part.


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