The Steel Supply Company

Coronavirus Precautions

The Steel Supply company wants your visit to be safe and free of contracting any infectious virus. As a result, we have taken precautions to provide you and our employees with a safe environment.

  • All Reading Material Has Been Removed From The Lobby.
  • Bottled Water Is Available.
  • Our Cleaning Service Has Been Instructed To Deep Clean All Surfaces.
  • PPE Is Cleaned With Cleansing Wipes After Each Use.
  • There Is Hand Sanitizer Available Throughout The Facility.
  • All Lavatory Facilities Are Equipped With Soap And Extra Towels And Employees And Visitors Are Encouraged To Wash Their Hands In Warm/Hot Water Many Times Daily.
  • Disinfectant Sprays/Wipes Are Being Used On Conference/Lunchroom Tables.
  • Plus, Many Other Safeguards.

Please honor our request to limit vists and avoid any personal contact such as handshakes, etc.
Thank You.