The Steel Supply Company

Steel Fabrication Services

Hard Chrome Plating

We provide the hydraulic industry with hard chrome plating for an extremely hard, long-wearing surface coupled with a very low coefficient of friction. Sizes from 1/8- inch diameter to 12-inch diameter and lengths to 32 feet can be produced.

Induction Hardening

Induction hardening produces a very hard outer surface that can resist the damage which would destroy an unhardened rod.


Our modern equipment produces the size, tolerances and roundness necessary for quality hydraulic and air cylinders.


Centerless grinding of cold drawn or turned bars provides the size, tolerance and roundness necessary for piston rod stock.

Non-Standard Items, Sizes and Tolerances

Special items, non-standard sizes, tolerances and chrome thicknesses can be quickly produced at our production facilities

Machine Shop Facilities

Our in-house machine shop specializes in prototype work as well as production quantities. We produce hydraulic piston rods, cylinder barrels, blower shafts, power transmission shafts, rolls and pivot pins. We also have all the equipment needed to produce general job shop machined items.