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Carbon Steel Tubing

Carbon Steel Tubing from The Steel Supply Company is available as Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM ASTM A513, Type 5) or Cold Drawn Seamless Mechanical (CDSM ASTM A519). Processes include Honed Inside Diameter (I.D.), Chrome Plated Outside Diameter (O.D.), Chrome Plated I.D., or a combination of Chrome Plated O.D. and Honed I.D. The basic grades of 1020, 1026, and ST52.3 are carried as standard inventory. Alloy and stainless steels are processed on a special price and lead-time basis only.

The determination of grade and type of material is based on the O.D. and wall thickness. DOM tubing is produced with wall thickness up to and including 5/8", while CDSM tubing is supplied when a heavier wall (3/4" and Larger, with exceptions) is needed. Most DOM items are available, depending on diameter requirements, in grades 1020, 1026, and ST52.3. CDSM is usually only in 1026.

Honed I.D. material ranges in sizes from 0.750" I.D., through and including 14.000" I.D., and in metric diameters from 25mm I.D. through and including 233mm I.D. There are many wall thicknesses available.

Chrome Plated O.D. material begins at 3/8" O.D. and continues through and including 10" O.D., with metric diameters starting at 25mm O.D. and continuing through and including 110mm O.D. Again, various wall thicknesses are stocked.

Chrome I.D. as well as Chrome O.D. with a Honed I.D. are also available with a limited size range in stock. Special diameter requirements are processed using our in-house partnership with Precision Chrome Inc.


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