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Machine Shop Services

The Steel Supply Company offers in-house machining services to customer supplied engineered drawings only. Assembly and welding is not included in the machine shop area. Prototype and production quantities are produced on specially modified machinery. These modifications limit the possibility of damage to the surface finish. This damage is often caused by a steady rest or fixture and renders a part as rejected.

Machines are retired with new equipment added on a regular basis. At publication, the following equipment is operational.

1 Haas ST-30 CNC with a 3" diameter capacity.
1 Haas SL-40 CNC with a 6" diameter capacity
1 Haas ST-40L CNC with a 9" diameter capacity (subject to length) and live tooling
1 Haas ST-35 CNC with an 80mm diameter Capacity and live tooling
1 Cincinnati Engine Lathe with a 216" bed
1 Cincinnati Engine Lathe with a 168" bed
1 Acra Lathe with a 12" swing and short bed

1 Haas GR-510 CNC Gantry Router with a 10 tool changing attachment
1 Bridgeport Vertical
1 HMT Horizontal
1 Milwaukee Simplex Horizontal


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